Wednesday, August 12, 2009

9 months old

Yesterday I was 9 months old!
Mommy says I am growing too fast!
I am getting a very distinct personality.
When I'm not happy, I will let you know!!!

But I'm starting to cuddle,
instead of just squirming all the time.

I'm also very smart and strong!
I will find a way over those boxes!

I know the sign for "more."
I also know the sign for "all done."
(mommy's note: she thinks "more" means Cheerios,
and "all done" looks just like "so big.")
I love my ball.
Sometimes it even goes the direction I throw it in!
I crawl all over the place,
and I have begun to take steps.
Not long now and I will be walking!!!!
Happy Birthday, Auntie Navy Bean!!!!

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