Monday, May 11, 2009

6 months

Today I am six months old.
I keep getting bigger and bigger.
Daddy is in big trouble too.
Look what he showed me!
I can't pull myself up, but I scream if mommy doesn't let me do this.

I know how to give kisses now.
But they're hard to get pictures of,
so here's a picture of sissy giving me a kiss.

I continue to eat well.
I eat oatmeal, rice cereal, sweet potatoes, bananas, avocado and acorn squash.
Mommy says I'm starting to look like the Michelin man.
Who's the Michelin man?

I am a budding musician.
I love it when mommy or daddy plays the piano.
I was even more excited when I discovered that
I could make the piano make noise too.
My favorite CD is The Planets, by Gustav Holt.
My favorite planet is Jupiter.

Mostly I just play a lot and make everyone laugh.

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